Musescore 3.6 Crashes on Startup, Mac OS Monterey 12.5.1

• Sep 22, 2022 - 22:26
Reported version
S2 - Critical


Frequency Once Many
Status needs info active

I have this same issue, whenever Musescore launches it will load what you call the start center and then close. It is our internet filter doing this. I know because if I remove the filer then MuseScore launches fine.

I have read your suggestion to use the -w option and then disable the start center but this is a terrible solution. I work for a school district and our teachers and students want to use this app. I can't tell them all to run the app with an option and then go into preferences to disable the start center.

Why you don't have a solution for something people have been complaining about for years I don't understand. If the app can't reach what it needs for the start center then it should either load an empty start center or some other window.

I know this is a free app with a paid service but this has been a issue for some time.

Sorry to hear you're having trouble! But, assuming you are correct in the diagnosis, there are plenty of other workaround your teachers and students should have no trouble with. One is to have them start MuseScore by double-clicking a score instead of using the program icon. Another - if you are the admin for a lab - is to edit the program icon to do the -w. It's also quite possible you could reconfigure the internet filter in a way that avoids the issue, although obviously I have no details on how to do that.

Anyhow, to be clear: the issue affects only a very small number of systems, and it doesn't seem to be a problem with MuseScore itself but with the combination of tools being used (the web library used internally within the start center plus the internet filter you have) that are outside MuseScore's control, and MuseScore 3 has not had any updates during the past couple of years while MuseScore 4 has been the priority. In any case, MuseScore 4 won't have the start center, so most likely, the problem is already solved. So as of a month from now, just have them install MuseScore 4. Although you might want to test a nightly build in your network environment just to be sure it doesn't have the same issue. And if it does, be sure to report it (ideally to GitHub, but I'll point the developers back here if need be).