Audio in on select instruments cut out

• Sep 25, 2022 - 22:05

I have a piece here with a rather large score. Everything plays well and all until about measure 58. For whatever reason it seems that most of the instruments except Piano 1 cut out. I don't know why, after it hits the fermata, they all start playing again, then stops again at measure 120. If I stop the playback and click on the note, it plays fine but as soon as it hits the next bar, I have the same issue.

(please excuse the quality of the song while listening...)

Any ideas?

heres the score


I think it is somehow related to the tremolo markings on the piano, which are somehow overloading the MIDI system even though they shouldn't be. There have been similar issues reported with extended passages with tremolos, ottavas, and maybe some other markings that in theory shouldn't be a problem. See for instance #293735: Strings stop playing while piano has tremolo. The good news is, all seems well with this score in current MuseScore 4 builds.

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