Note Input with MIDI keyboard

• Sep 27, 2022 - 18:09

coming from Finale here. Been using Musescore and enjoying it a lot, especially after the last update.
But I´ve been using Finale for 15+ years, so I am quite used to a particular workflow.

To enter notes in Finale, I would go into Speedy notation and first play the note and then use number 2-8 to select the desired value to input (note and number must be pressed at the same time). This way I can pre audition the notes I´ll input.

In Musesscore, if i´m in Note input mode (N), whatever key I play will introduce the note with the last selected duration value. Is there a way to pre-audition the note I´m gonna insert without it actually being inserted? (AND without going in and out of Note Input mode every time).

Hope my question makes sense!


Not sure how it works with MIDI, but you could try the "Rhythm" note input mode via the dropdown menu next to the note input icon. I suspect it will still enter a note, but you can then hit left and type a number to immediately change the note to that duration. Not really the same, but maybe it beats learning a totally new workflow?

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