How to add second voice on top of triplets with second voice value being different than the triplet

• Sep 29, 2022 - 00:14

i've run into a problem where i would like to add a dotted eighth note voice on the same beat as the second note of a sixteenth note triplet. I dont know how i can manage to enter the second voice dotted eighth note on the right beat without adding another triplet entering it on the second not but in that case it breaks the dotted note into an eighth note slurred to a sixteenth note. I added an example of the sort of notation im trying to achieve from a Chopin prelude in the file. I'm trying to have it like the double stemmed G to the double stemmed A.

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That's some tricky nesting there indeed.
See attached example of the first 4 measures; use the inspector to make tuplet brackets and numbers (or better yet, ratio) visible.

Top staff: use 2 voices and triplets starting from 1/8ths, 2nd voice only has content on 2nd beat.
Bottom staff: using 2 voices as well, a 6-let in voice 1, then combine the 2nd-5th note of it into a single 1/4th rest and give that another tuplet with ratio 3:4 so you can turn it into the dotted 1/8th notation. 2nd voice has a triplet on first beat only.

Then use cross-staff notation as required.

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