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• Sep 29, 2022 - 17:44

Sorry if this is wrong area. I am having a problem with log in. I recently posted a comment. I had to go through change password to get in. When I logged out I tried to log in again with the changed password I just set and could not. As I have tried to reply to my post I can not get in. I had to go through change password to do it. I know what my log-in info is / was , but it is not accepting it. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any thoughts.


Your browser will have a page where all your saved passwords are stored. If you can access it, you will see what is saved. It might be that there are two listings for MuseScore when there should only be one.

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Thanks for the thought. I do not save my passwords to my device. As I said I know what the password is/was/should be, so no need to save it. I would ask how there might be two saved by MS. A couple months ago I had no problem getting logged in. But for this last post I could not log in without going through the mess. I have not been on and I did not change anything in the past months, so I do not understand what MS is doing. I got on this time because I did not log out the other day.
Makes no since. Just another strange little problem with MS that I experience. Thanks again.

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I can certainly understand security concerns.
By "I did not log out the other day", do you mean that you closed the MuseScore tab in your browser. Do you normally go to the log out option from the upper right corner?
I applaud you. At my age, I have so many different things for work and personal things that I could never remember them all. I have a bad enough time remembering to make sure I have pants on.

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Yes I just shut down the browser. And 'yes' ,I normally log out when I am leaving for some time. I make my passwords so I can easily remember them! So far I am OK on pants. But I do seem to want to forget my glasses in the dark in the morning.... and I have to have them to see anything!! Thanks for the thoughts.

Generally speaking, questions about login should be directed to the official support staff for the website, via support@musescore.com. We volunteers here on musescore.org are good about helping with questions about MuseScore itself - the notation software - but we can't really do anything about website issues.

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