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• Sep 30, 2022 - 03:32

Hello! Everytime I would update my score, it would add another title to my 'Recents' list. I wanted to clear the old ones and just keep the most recent version so I pressed "clear recent files". Now I cannot access my score, I have tried going into "Documents' and then 'Scores' and also the 'Open'. None of these work. This is urgent as my orchestra is supposed to be playing my piece in a few months. Please help!


It's in whatever folder you saved it to. if you can't remember which file you saved it to, use the file browser that came with your computer - e.g., Windows Explorer, or Finder on macOS - and do a search of your computer's drives for ".mscz" files. Absolutely, if you saved the file, it's still there exactly where you put it - clearing the recent files list never ever deletes anything. Nor does MuseScore ever delete any files for any other reason.

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Then you’re not searching enough folders. If you can’t remember the name of the folder you actually chose when saving the score, you’ll need to search all folders, including hidden folder, system folders, etc. and be sure to search all drives, including removable media. If you saved it, I promise it is still there in exactly the folder you saved it to. There is no code within MuseScore to go through your devices and delete scores.

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bobjp's suggestion is a good one - if you create a new score and then save it, the default folder offered will be the same as the last folder you successfully saved to.

Anyhow, for questions about how to use Finder, probably best to ask on a general Apple support forum. But I have to assume it's possible.

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