different key signatures on different staves

• Oct 1, 2022 - 14:44

I tried to do this but it changes both key signatures. Also, I don't want equivalent notes. In lute tablature, often one flag in the lute equals a minim or crotchet in the treble. I just want to double the values of the vocal part and keep the lute part the same. Then I'll make all the time signatures invisible in the lute part.



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Add new key signature to one staff only

If you wish to change the key signature of only one staff line, leaving others unchanged:

Press Ctrl (Mac: Cmd) and hold while you drag a key signature from a palette onto a measure.

This does not work for me when I hold cmd and drag it onto the staff. It changes both staves.
I would be fine with just hiding them, if I could double the values.(though it would be better to have them as the meter changes several times)

Some observations and questions.

I see the score is set up for Bb trumpet and lute. Is there a reason for Bb trumpet?

What are you hoping to accomplish by changing the key signature? It won't change the pitches of the note already there. You'd have to transpose the part to be able to change pitches. Then the key signature will change for that part.

Why one long page?

I think you will need to change the vocal part note durations pretty much line by line. But changing values will mess up the lyrics, won't it?

I rather like the piece like it is.

If you are going for an early music look of no key signatures, you still have to mark the Bb's somehow so that real musicians can read it.

I changed the key of the vocal part. I don't know if it did anything to the lute part. The player reads fingerings not key signature. And the pitches of the vocal part didn't change for reasons stated above.

Are you sure you posted the right score? This is one is for standard staff and a tab staff, and the tab staff doesn't show a key signature (nor should it). So there would be no reason to add a key signature to only one staff. Just add it normally.

Or maybe you meant time signature? That is also done with Ctrl/Cmd, but it won't work here, because local time signatures have to be created before you enter notes.

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