System break without time and key signatures at end?

• Oct 3, 2022 - 00:07

I'm putting together a "score" containing one- and two-measure basso ostinati taken from pop music. I want one ostinato per line, which is generally working just fine. I separate them with a system break, wrap each with repeat bars, specify the key and time signature, and set the tempo. However, I don't like seeing the key and time signature of the /next/ ostinato at the end of each one. Is there any way to get rid of that? The last thing I want to see at the end of a line is the end repeat.


If these are meant to be separate excertps, not one piece of music to be played straight through, better to simply use section breaks instead of system breaks. Then the courtesy signatures are automatically suppressed, but also other good things happen, like measure numbers are reset, a pause in inserted during playback, etc.

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I tried section breaks early on, but MuseScore inserts the pause at the end of the last measure, not after the end repeat of the last measure. Got that? So, for a one-measure ostinato, around which I have wrapped repeat bars, MuseScore plays the measure, pauses, plays the measure a second time, and pauses again. I would want play, play, pause, not play, pause, play, pause.

(You could also just select the key [or time] signature in the next system and then uncheck
"show courtesy" inside the inspector...)

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