Text Lines: centered text automatically (and with angle)

• Oct 7, 2022 - 04:56

I kinda got perturbed that I hadn't tried to get this working before, so:


It's working pretty well in private build of 3.x. Would like to see text lines get centered texting for future versions for the public also (4.x), even though just a little knick-knack feature. Neat thing also is the angle following of the lines. That should work well for adding arrows at the end of lines, something always missing from MS.


+ End-text now follows the end-y position of the line and rotates.
+ Centered text takes into consideration the angle of the line to compute appropriate positioning
+ X-offsetting will give the appropriate position on the line instead of being an independent variable

As simple as that sounds, let's just say it took me plenty of trial-and-error and re-compiles to figure this out over the past few days (Had to do some freakin' trigonometry+algebra) but here's a quick .gif:


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