Shortcut to switch between Tablature (Tabs) and Stave

• Oct 7, 2022 - 19:52

I am using the latest 3.6.2
Do you know if there is a quicker way to switch between Tabs and Stave / Staff
Normally I right click on the stave > Stave/Part Properties > Change Instrument > Strings > Bass Guitar (Tablature)

Would be nice if there was a shortcut between two presets

Thank you


There isn't a shortcut for it. But - is this something you actually do often? If you want to see music both ways, why not simply add both staves? If you only want to see one at a time for whatever reason, you could generate parts for them.

Adding to Marc's answer, a few features you may not have found yet, all in the Instruments panel (press "i"):
-The "staff type" drop-down is another way to switch between Standard, Tab.6-str.common, and others.
-Selecting an instrument and clicking "add linked staff" generates a staff that will mirror anything you put into the other. Using one for staff notation and the other for tablature is its intended purpose.
-The "visible" checkbox lets you hide any staff without deleting it.

Hi Marc, Rose
thank you very much for your suggestions. In particular I find very easy pressing i and use the checkbox to select the stave I want.
Great suggestions thanks again.

Just one minor thing Rose, you said the other stave mirrors. I found that i need to select from one stave and drop in the second (for the first time only). Is that what you do ...just in case I am missing another trick


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