Change the default font style to Jazz?

• Nov 10, 2022 - 04:32

I’m new to MuseScore, and I’m really enjoying it. I do have what I would think to be a simple question: how do I change the overall default font style to Jazz? I have figured out how to do it part by part but I want to be able to say that the default set up for everything, form the chord symbols to the parts, should be the jazz font.
And can this be done after you've begun your work?


Edit > Preferences > Score > Style and Style for parts >

After (i.e on an existing score):
Format > Load style > C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\styles\MuseJazz.mss
Repeat for the parts

(adjust path if not using Windows)

Normally, this happens automatically when you create new scores and select one of the Jazz templates (lead sheet, combo, or big band). So you shouldn't have to do anything more than that in the future. But if you've already created scores you didn't create from one of those templates, you can load an MSS file as mentioned.

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Hello - I've been importing some files as XML so that most of the hard work had been done. I am using MuseScore to format and make parts to play. So ... yes, I am looking to do it after the file is almost completed. Any thoughts on that?
Again, using an older Mac - OS 10.13.6

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Just create a new score using one of the template,s then use Format / Save Style to create your own MSS file. Then you load that into any existing scores. Again, not needed for new scores, since you can and should simply use the templates provided for this purpose. You can always add or remove instruments if your instrumentation doesn't exactly match the template. And then save the score to your template folder for future reuse.

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