Soundfont & MuseScore 4

• Nov 14, 2022 - 19:52

Is there any way at the moment to add a soundfont to MS 4 so my Theremin is recognised and given the correct sound, even if it is only a temporary solution?


Sure, just specify the soundfont in the mixer. Since Theremin isn a General MIDI instruments, MuseScore won be able to pick the sound out of a soundfont containing many sounds, so just be sure itś the first (or only) sound in the soundfont. You can also use a VST instrument which is likely produce better results, if you can find one.

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Hard to say from just a picture - much better if you attach your actual score. But it does look like for some reason if you add theremin, you don't get a mixer channel. You should report that as a bug on GitHub. Meanwhile, just add some other instrument - you're going to change the sound anyhow, and then also change the name.

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Also, with support for VST and also Muse Sounds, it will be less common to need alternate soundfonts in the first place. And as mentioned, there are VST instruments that will allow you to select sounds within soundfonts. There are also utilities that can extract individual sounds from soundfonts. So pretty much no matter what your specific need is, it can be addressed. If you explain more about what alternate sounds you are using and why, we can help you get the job done.

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Seems like I'll be covered then. I normally select different instruments from different soundfonts, but if we are going to have per instrument VST this will be just a little more tricky. Another question regarding MS4 —perhaps a little off-topic—, will it have better velocity and volume handling? From what I know, I am only able to change velocity locally (per note) via inspector or piano roll, but that seems not to be the case of volume.

Kind regards and thank y'all for the replies!

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Are you making a distinction between velocity and volume? MIDI doesn't really have a standard way of separating these concepts, although MuseScore 3 does for instruments supporting single note dynamics. In the initial 4.0.0 release, there won't be any controls here, but by 4.1 or 4.2 or so, it's planned to have more sophisticated controls, similar to the "lanes" provided by some DAW software.

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