crashing and corrupting files

• Nov 18, 2022 - 04:08
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just to clarify this happens with the newly released musescore 4. I will open it and start notating in musescore, then after about 3 minutes it will crash and close itself. then I just open it again and hit restore session. automatic saving is on so my work was not lost. But then I try to reopen it and it says the file is corrupted, and nothing will get it back. another problem I have is I started notating in musescore 3, and for some reason, all my files got saved in musescore 4 without me ever opening them in 4, and now I can't open them in 3 cause it says it was saved in 4 and can't open it. now I don't want to open my projects in 4 cause I don't want them to get corrupted. I have battled this for 2 weeks now, uninstalling and re-installing both programs, 3 and 4. and more than once i have had files corrupted and v3 projects saved as v4 without me doing so. Please help!

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First, it's important to note that MuseScore 4 is not released yet. There are only experimental pre-release builds intended for testing, not real use yet. So they are definitely "use at your own risk".

Needless to say, but's not really possible for MuseScore 4 to save a file if you've literally never opened it in that program. So if you have files that are in MsueScore 4 format, they absolutely must have been opened and saved in MuseScore 4. So it would be important to take a step back and look at your workflow to understand how you've ended up accidentally saving files in MuseScore 4 without intending to, because MuseScore 4 definitely doens't run all by itself - it needs a person to start it, load a file into it, and save it.

As for the corruption, note that corruptions can occur in any version of MuseScore, but they are seldom fatal - usually pressing "ignore" allows the file to load so you can correct the errors. But, neither of the files you attach seem corrupt at all - both load with no error message at all in the current nightly build of MuseScore 4. The "2.0" one was actally created with MuseScore 3.6.2.

Anyhow, if you need further assistance, please give precise steps to reproduce the problem you are seeing so we can understand better.

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Hi. the file I sent to you called MY SONG, when I open it it says it was saved in a newer version of musescore, so I then click ignore. after that it shows a blank screen inside musescore. You said you could open in, so could you send me a screenshot of my work so I can get it back? thanks!

The file you attached above labeled "MY SONG 2.0" was saved in 3.6.2 and thus should load just fine in that version. Just download it from your own post above.

I don't need "MY SONG 2.0". I need the file titled "MY SONG", as they are different. Now I wouldn't be reaching out for help if it was just as easy as downloading it from my own post and opening it, as this is exactly what I did, and what happened is what I explained above. I just need a picture of the opened file so I can rewrite it. Thanks!

Oh I see, both had the same title so I didn't notice they were different. In which case, just open MY SONG in your MuseScore 4 build, then use File / Export to export to MusicXML. You can then load that into MuseScore 3 - no need to redo anything.