How do I download from Musescore to laptop...

• Nov 26, 2022 - 00:56


I am on the Musescore website, and have found a score I want to download. I click Download to Musescore, and it goes to the bottom left as usual, but when I click on it, it asks me how to "Select an app to open this file". I already have Musescore 3 downloaded onto my laptop, but Musescore doesnt come up, so I select 'choose an app on your pc' which takes me to Programe Files...I scroll down to Musescore 3, and it has many folders...which folder do I choose?

I downloaded Musescore onto my laptop from the musescore website. When I check for updates it says it is all up to date and running Musescore I am a Musescore Pro subscriber. I am on Windows 11.

Do I need to Uninstall Musescore 3 and download it via the Microsoft Store?


Um stay away from the Store.

When you see a file in the lower left, that means it's waiting for you to select a download place. I would go to your MuseScore scores folder and download it there. Then you can open it in MuseScore.

My Computer/Documents/MuseScore 3/Scores.

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