Breath control in MuseScore midi scores

• Nov 27, 2022 - 11:59

I am relatively new to MuseScore and have been examining a few downloaded "organ" scores with a midi editor.

One thing that puzzles me is that the scores contain hundreds of "Breath Control" midi events. What is the purpose of this - is it a way of controlling the sound volume? I am familiar with a lot of organs and their midi capabilities and none of them recognise this control.

If these controls are for sound volume how are they supposed to be used? It is impossible to vary the volume of individual notes on an organ.



If you download the actual MuseScore file, you can compare where these are with the score itself. MuseScore does indeed use CC2 by default for dynamics. You can, within Musescore, change to a different controller if you prefer. Or, if your particular synthesizer doesn't recognize volume changes the way real organs might (many have a foot pedal for this purpose), you can disable single note dynamics in the Staff/Part Properties for the instrument. Then it will instead use MIDI velocity. If you wish to not use volume changes at all - because as you say, most organs are not in fact velocity sensitive - you can remove the dynamics from the score.

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Thank you Marc. I do have the MuseScore file for all of these midis (I got the midis by exporting them from MuseScore).
I want to keep the existing "dynamics" so it looks as if my best option is to try and change the controller from CC2 to CC7 within MuseScore. If I do this and re-export the file will all the existing CC2's automatically change to CC7's?
Organs always ignore midi velocity so this is not an option.

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