PDF to MuseScore - privacy concern

• Dec 3, 2022 - 17:57

Howdy esteemed MuseScore community memebers!

I want to import some pdf scores into MuseScore for MIDI realisation. When I click "Import pdf" option, it takes me to a web service where I need to upload the pdf's for conversion.

These are not my scores - these are someone else's original compositions - I'm just doing this as I have to produce a recording session of this music in a couple of weeks, and I want to hear them as I study the scores.

I am concerned that uploading them might make them accessible to someone else. Is this the case? or do they get deleted from the website when the conversion is done.

Thanks in advance for your insight.



The service you refer to does not publish the scores publicly.

But, I would caution you against getting your hopes regarding the usability of the results. In some cases, it might be close enough to the original that someone who is pretty expert in MuseScore could correct it in less time than it would take to enter normally. but in most cases - especially if the user is not an expert - it's faster to simply enter it normally than to attempt to correct the sorts of error that typically result.

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