How to handle nested repetition properly

• Dec 4, 2022 - 20:18

How can I encode a "dal segno" repetition correctly when it contains a nested ordinary repetition with first and second ending that coincides with the outer repetition's ending? Please see the attached image for an example: the first row contains the "segno" marking the outer repetition's beginning; the second row contains the inner repetition's beginning; and the third row shows the first and second ending of the inner repetition, where the second ending contains the jump back (D.S.) of the outer repetition, finally followed by a variant of the second ending ("Schluß") to be taken in the second iteration of the outer repetition.

Please see the second image attached (screenshot) for what I managed to encode in MuseScore so far. It is visually close to the original, but when you playback the score, it's not working correctly: in the second iteration of the outer repetition, it a) skips the first inner iteration and b) goes into the second ending of the inner iteration again rather than taking the "Schluß" / Fine ending. What am I doing wrong?

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Use a D.S. al Fine
Decide whether ypou want it with or without takening the repeats

Hmm, no, use a D.S. al Coda (without repeats) and a To Code in the measure before the 1st Volta (and a Coda instead of the Fine

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