Musescore 4 Playback Speed too Fast

• Dec 6, 2022 - 06:49

I recently installed Musescore 4 beta to mess around with Musesounds. When I did, I instantly noticed that my playback is way faster than what it should normally be. All of the pitches are way too high (presumably because of the time change) and playback essentially does not work.

I tried to look for any settings that could change playback speed like in Musescore 3 but couldn't find anything/don't really know what is causing the issue.

When I export as an mp3, the score sounds normal so I'm sure it's a playback issue.

Anyone have any insight?


First off, update to the RC if you didn't already.
And then, if you still have this issue, check for similar reports on Github (there are some). If none of them matches your setup enough, then open a new issue for it.

This is apparently known issue affecting a small number of audio drivers (eg, ones from Logitech), and apparently a fix has been developed. Not clear exactly when/how the fix will be made available. Meanwhile, switching to a different audio device will probably work around the issue.

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