I can't see the 'ok' or 'cancel' buttons when using submenus eg generate parts on musescore3 or format style on musescore4

• Dec 7, 2022 - 18:21

I've been using museccore 3 successfully for a few years. In the last month a new bug has appeared. When I open a submenu ( eg file, parts) I can't see the last line which contains the 'ok' button (its under my windows task bar). There is no 'scroll' on the side as there is with other long lists. I have tried alt spacebar m (as suggested in a previous forum post) but while I can move the page up, my cursor is fixed to the top of the page so I still can't click 'ok' .
So I downloaded musescore 4 to try: same problem with pages like format style. There is a scroll function for the list on the left, but not for the whole page, and 'ok' is not visible.

I'm using Windows.
Huge thanks to anyone who can help!

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Sounds like the scaling setting in your computer are causing problems, where Windows is ot communicating the correct DPI setting for your display and thus making dialogs too big.

To work around this Windows / system problem, you can try finding the EXE fiile for MuseScore in C:\Program Files\bin, right-clicking it, Properties, Compatibility, and play with the high DPI settings there.

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