Solution for numpad note duration keyboard shortcut issue

• Dec 18, 2022 - 00:42

I ran into the same issue others have reported in v4 of my numpad numbers not working to set note duration in note editing mode. I was able to solve the problem (Windows 10) following the steps below. I posted this as a reply to another topic but figured it'd be helpful to surface it at the top level

  1. Export the keyboard shortcut mappings:
    Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts > Export
    Save the xml file with a name you'll recognize

  2. Repeat the process a second time to give yourself a backup copy of the original mappings in case you mess them up!

  3. Open up the XML file from step 1 in your favorite text editor. I used VS Code, but you could even use Notepad on Windows.

  4. In your editor, search the file for the text "pad-note-64." You should find something that looks like this:


  5. Edit this section so it looks like this:

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the following keys:


In each case add <seq>Num+[x]</seq>
where you replace [x] with the number in the line above it (this is specifying which numpad key will be a shortcut for the command).

I also recommend adding Num+0 as a shortcut for the "rest" key.

  1. When you are finished editing, save the file.

  2. In MuseScore, import the new keyboard shortcut mappings
    Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts > Import

  3. That's it! This worked for me on Windows 10. I've attached my finished XML file which you can import to skip steps 1-7.

Attachment Size
musescore_shortcuts_edited.xml 31.97 KB


to add a tied note, add <seq>Num++</seq> under <key>tie</key>

to use the decimal comma on NumPad for dotted notes add <seq>Num+,</seq> under <key>pad-dot</key>

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