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• Dec 18, 2022 - 02:12
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I do not know if its just for my PC, but after I have saved any of my scores 2-4 times it just says that "the file is corrupted", and when I choose to ignore it just loads normally, with (seemingly) nothing wrong with it. Also when I just ddownloaded a score that was on the cloud (and showed normally on the musescore site) it (on the second I opened) said that it was corrupted. It would be nice to put something there to say to the user where it is glitchy so they can fix it themselves, but back to the glitches when I try to upload a score from my pc (that shows its corrupted but seemingly isnt) the site just wont open it and say that an error occured so they stopped downloading it. I think this might be a feature for corrupted scores to not break the site but as I said, it seemingly isnt corrupted. This is not bad because I cannot acess the score in other PCs and cannot publish it to the site. This has happened to other scores of mine but I will only drop 1 file for demonstration. Thanks in advance, for your time and for your patience.

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This is also happening to me, also after saving the file a few times without problems. It started when I put the computer to sleep overnight with a score open in MuseScore. Playback was acting weird (racing through without actually playing anything), so I saved and quit MuseScore, then when I tried to open the score again I got the error.
OS: macOS 12.6, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.0-223472200, revision: 5485621

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In order to investigate, we'd need the score before the corruption, and precise steps to reproduce the problem from there.

This happened to me as well. I started with a brand new score in MuseScore 4, and now when I open it, a popup says the file is corrupted. But I just click "Ignore" and everything seems fine. I'm not sure how to recreate this issue.