Musescore 4 Constantly Not Responding

• Dec 18, 2022 - 02:22

I load a score, perform an action, not responding for about 2 minutes. Perform another 3 or so actions, not responding for another couple minutes. Is this just a bug?

Edit: It also freezes every time I use the scroll wheel and every time I save D:

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I was getting "musescore 4 not responding" when requesting to save or save as a file. Then started getting it after launching musecore 4.0.2 and selecting any item on the menu. I have tried the repair option from musecore download for 64 bit windows (win 10) but the error persists even if after the repair I do a cold windows boot. Sometimes if I take a break for an hour or two it will finally respond, but life's too short for that.
Only thing i can think of now is to uninstall completely then reinstall musescore 4.

I'm having similar issues too. instead of freezing for minutes, its five seconds or so; but it gets very annoying when it happens after just 1 or 2 actions.

If we look at the image in the OP, this person is working on a part and not the score. Never a safe idea. Don't worry about parts until the score is finished.
But in general, not responding could mean a corruption of some kind.

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