New Muse Sounds not loading into MuseScore 4

• Dec 21, 2022 - 20:39

I've downloaded and installed the Muse Hub, MuseScore 4 and all the new Muse Sounds, and all I can get to show on the Mixer is Muse Basic. What am I doing wrong? Is there a specific order in which all are to be installed? I'm not using MIDI input, PlugIns are disabled.

Please Help!

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I'm having the same problem. When I go into Playback Setup, MuseSounds is there, but greyed out. MuseHub says they are downloaded (with the checkmark) and it seems like MuseScore recognizes that it's downloaded?? I've tried un- and reinstalling everything to no avail.

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Did you change the install location to an external drive? That won't work. InstBetter to set up a link from he standard location to an external drive if you need to.

Aside from that, MuseScore should recognize the sounds automatically. If you go to Diagnostic / Muse Sampler / Check Muse Sampler, what does it report?

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Hi, Marc. I'm having similar issues with the greyed out MuseSounds option. If I attempt to open the extracted MuseSamplerCoreLib.dll file, MuseScore gives me an error saying that it's an unknown file type. The MuseSounds file is in the MuseScore 4 Downloads folder, and I've moved it around to my Instruments folder and the general MuseScore 4 folder. All components of MU4 have been downloaded. Not sure exactly what to do with it.

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Did you download Muse Sounds through Msue Hub? And did you leave the default install folder alone? If so, it should work, and you shouldn't need to move it, so best to put everything back where it was. Or to be safee just uninstall Muse Hub then reinstall it, also perhaps remove all sounds nd reinstall them as well. And this time don't change any folders at all.

If you continue to have trouble after all same question as above - what does the check in the diagnostics menu report?

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Hi Marc,

I am having the same issue as others. I have a fresh install of MuseScore 4 with all Muse Sounds downloaded through Muse Hub, and no install paths have been changed. The Muse Sounds option is greyed out in the Playback Setup window and the diagnostic window for Muse Sampler says "Muse Sampler library is not found".

EDIT: I reinstalled MuseScore and Muse Hub, and now the Muse Sampler and Muse Sounds work as expected. I will note however, Muse Hub could not download MuseScore for some reason, the download wheel kept spinning. Everything worked correctly after downloading the standalone MuseScore executable from the website.

On a fresh installation on Windows:

The default download location that Muse Hub is dropping files is: C:\ProgramData\MuseHub\Downloads - this is checked through Muse Hub's configuration/settings pane. Once Muse Hub finishes downloading files, it just leaves them there; it probably has no follow-up action to move them to where Muse Score 4 is expecting them to be. Or, some bad defaults have been assigned by the installers.

Meanwhile, Muse Score 4 wants these to be in one of the soundfonts directories (see Diagnostics > Show paths). Moving the downloaded files to %HOMEPATH%/Documents/MuseScore4/SoundFonts on Windows will get Muse Score to recognize the files (after restarting it).

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Don't move the files, that is pretty much guaranteed to break things. At this point, it's probably best to first run Help / Revert to factory settings, then completely uninstall everything and start over, with everything in its default location. And then if there is a problem, resume this thread with further information about the locations of things, but don't move anything.

I think I have the same problem after installing MuseScore 4 and MuseHub three times.

Core i5-3570
16 GB Ram
2 TB SSD /home
256 GB NVMe /
Linux Mint 21.1
MuseScore 4.0.1 running
Muse Hub installed, sound files downloaded and installed

In the mixer, only 'MS Basic' can be set as the sound.
No Effects.
In the Playback Setup, 'Muse Sounds is inactive'.
Check MuseSampler returns: "MuseSampler not found".
The library '' is in the directory /usr/lib64.
In the application log ~/app/org.musescore.MuseScore/data/MuseScore/MuseScore4/logs/MuseScore...log
2023-02-04T19:53:58.176 | DEBUG | main_thread | LinuxAudioDriver | open: Connected to default
2023-02-04T19:53:58.176 | ERROR | main_thread | MuseSamplerLibHandler | MuseSamplerLibHandler: Unable to open MuseSampler library, path:
2023-02-04T19:53:58.176 | ERROR | main_thread | MuseSamplerResolver | checkLibrary: Incompatible MuseSampler library; ignoring
2023-02-04T19:53:58.869 | DEBUG | main_thread | InstrumentTemplate | read: InstrumentTemplate:: init instrument not found
I would like to work with MuseScore 4, but without the MuseSampler it makes no sense. Then MuseScore 3.6.2 is simply better.
Who can help?

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For questions about muse hub & muse soubds, the best place to ask is their Zendesk site - muse

But fwiw, MU4 is way better than MU3 in some major ways, objectively speaking, even without Muse Sound. The improved engraving alone is a major upgrade that would be worth hundreds of dollars if it were commercial software.

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Can you explain what specifically doesn’t work?

Objectively speaking - as you can measure yourself with a ruler if you like - MU4 engraving is simply much more accurate than MU3. There are musical rules co trolling how far apart various notes should be etc, and MU3 simply gets them wrong while MU4 them right. It’s not opinion but easily verifiable fact.

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Hi Marc, I think you are right about everything, but.... Let me make it clear with a comparison. If I rent an upmarket car, I expect it not to lose the steering wheel on the way or lack ventilation. If I then complain about it, the manufacturer of the car says I can't accept any liability because the steering wheel (or the ventilation) was made by another manufacturer.

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Hmm I’m not understanding the analogy; MuseScore 4 is not missing any crucial components that would be comparable to a steering wheel, and there is no other manufacturer involved. I’d love to help you with whatever problem you are having, but I’d need a clearer description of exactly what prevents you from running MuseScore 4. Then I would be able to assist better.

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For me personally I won't be able to run MU4 due to RAM size. I purchased my computer in the states in 2021 before moving overseas. After arriving here, I had an issue with my network card going on the fritz. I took it to a reputable shop to have it fixed, however, the tech broke my screen which required him to purchase a new computer. They don't sell the exact model here so now I have an issue with sound card not the same, RAM different and split Data drives. Unfortunately, I'm SOL with using MU4 unless I want to buy another new system. Sucks the big one...

So, I'm trying to get MU 3.6.2 to run again, and I have no sounds what-so-ever. Reinstalled again with no luck.

Someone help PLEASE!

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On Ubuntu (22.04), you need:
-Musesounds intruments
In this hidden file, put the location of the musesound instruments , default : /srv/muse-hub/downloads/Instruments/

Perhaps /usr/lib64 is not good for the library? (who knows, it might be hardcoded)

You don't need the service running for musesounds to work

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Hallo graffesmusic, everything is like You said:
1. Musesounds intruments are in /srv/muse-hub/downloads/Instruments
2. /usr/lib/
3. musesound instruments is located in /var/lib/MuseSampler/.config,
4. /usr/lib64 was automaticaly installed

  1. It seems musesounds is running by default:

muse-hub.service - Muse Hub Helper Service
Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/muse-hub.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
Active: active (running) since Sat 2023-02-04 19:51:48 CET; 1 day 1h ago
Main PID: 807 (muse-hub-servic)
Tasks: 14 (limit: 18961)
Memory: 67.8M
CPU: 43.341s
CGroup: /system.slice/muse-hub.service
├─807 /bin/sh /usr/bin/muse-hub-service
└─825 /opt/muse-hub/Muse.Service

Feb 04 20:11:18 ESPRIMO-P710 muse-hub-service[825]: 2023-02-04 20:11:18.3177|INFO|Muse.Service.MuseClientConnection|Processing message from client - User: georg, Type: Muse.Common.Messages.Actions.RegisterHiddenDownload>
Feb 04 20:11:18 ESPRIMO-P710 muse-hub-service[825]: 2023-02-04 20:11:18.3177|INFO|Muse.Service.Interop.ServiceCore|Registering Hidden Item (Type: Application, Id: hub, Name: Muse Hub)...
Feb 04 20:11:18 ESPRIMO-P710 Muse.Service[825]: Muse.Service Information: 0 :
Feb 04 20:11:18 ESPRIMO-P710 Muse.Service[825]: 2023-02-04 20:11:18.3177|INFO|Muse.Service.Interop.ServiceCore|Registering Hidden Item (Type: Application, Id: hub, Name: Muse Hub)...
Feb 04 20:11:19 ESPRIMO-P710 Muse.Service[825]: Muse.Service Information: 0 :
Feb 04 20:11:19 ESPRIMO-P710 muse-hub-service[825]: 2023-02-04 20:11:19.3160|INFO|Muse.Service.MuseClientConnection|Processed message!
Feb 04 20:11:19 ESPRIMO-P710 Muse.Service[825]: 2023-02-04 20:11:19.3160|INFO|Muse.Service.MuseClientConnection|Processed message!
Feb 04 20:11:21 ESPRIMO-P710 Muse.Service[825]: Muse.Service Information: 0 :
Feb 04 20:11:21 ESPRIMO-P710 muse-hub-service[825]: 2023-02-04 20:11:21.4591|INFO|Muse.Service.MuseClientConnection|Client has disconnected
Feb 04 20:11:21 ESPRIMO-P710 Muse.Service[825]: 2023-02-04 20:11:21.4591|INFO|Muse.Service.MuseClientConnection|Client has disconnected

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Hello graffesmusic, thank You for your kind instructions. I have now started the AppImage directly from the download directory without installing it and lo and behold, the Saundfonts are available. Then I installed the AppImage and lo and behold, the sound fonts have disappeared. So you are not allowed to install. This is very unsatisfactory for me as a Linux user. Besides, the effects are missing.
Nevertheless, many thanks for Your instructions.

It happened to me many times now. I've made a post about it a while ago, but got no answers at all. The solution is just close the hub app and open it again - and then you'll see the option to download the sounds again via shortcuts in the app. After you click on them it will download some new files (takes seconds) and after that the muse sound instruments are available to choose again. My thought was they are making some new adjustments and making new patches, but I didn’t find a single word about any muse sound uptade.

I wonder if anyone with that Issue on Windows 10 was able to solve it ?

MuseHub says all the sounds are downloaded.
And there are in : C:\ProgramData\MuseHub\Downloads\Instruments
In Playback Setup: Muse Sounds is greyed and marked as "Inactive"
Check Muse Sampler says "Muse Sampler Library not found".
Version is 4.1

== EDIT ================
I restarted my Computer and now everything is fine.

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