MuseScore app won’t play MuseScore 4 pieces

• Dec 23, 2022 - 12:57

I recently published a piece to my page and when I try to open it in the MuseScore app on my phone it gives me a blank screen. Pieces written on MuseScore 3 load perfectly fine, it’s just the one from MuseScore 4 that is not loading at all. If I open it in a browser it works, however it loads very slow, often not loading the sheet music at all.


I can confirm I have the same problem :( i have updated the ios app, but no joy.
I can open pieces made with Musescore3 in ios app, just not pieces made with Musescore4.

I have provided the example mscz I uploaded to my online muse score, when trying to sync to view with my iPad.

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Just adding to this chorus ... I updated one of my pieces (rainbow connection arrangement) with musescore 4, now it doesnt load on my iPad app ... i updated it's ios and the ipad app and still doesnt play ... it does however sound great when i play it through the browser on the musescore website.... but that doesn't have traspose and practice modes now does it ...

should be a warning as I use the ipad app for performance purposes ... now it doesn't work!

Yup, I created a score with 4 and uploaded a version of 4 to the app on my iPhone and this is all I get. Maybe this is a sign from God to give up music ? 🤣🤣 I literally cancelled the subscription before I got charged UNTIL they fix it and it’s usable, then I’ll be back for sure. I know they need to fix bugs, so I’m not too angry, I can always use Cubase anyway, but I was trying to use something I could use on my iPhone when I’m not at the studio .

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As far as I understand these two, and are completely independent groups.
We here are complaining about the APP.
It's just the same as we are complaining at Apple, that a Microsoft APP has problems with the data format of Apple.
I myself would not answer that much after having told the community "go to Microsoft" which was done above.
Using the web (and saving it as WebAPP works quite fine - as long as the connection is stable)

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Such an ignorant post this turtle 🐢 is popping its head for a rant!

Firstly, your analogy should be more like two groups working on say the “word” app, one specialized in the iOS development ( the MuseScore version of these people have had more than a year and a half now to get this sorted’) and the desktop devs go push out some pretty new features and iOS app devs go on holiday. (Are they volunteers?)

The issue is the web app is not fine!
It does NOT transpose like the app does and this is touted as a paid feature of the app and basically was a “selling” point for me and probably many others like me.

Yes I can go download the file maybe transpose the file on desktop transpose it re upload it etc etc but that’s not the point…
You see I carry a bunch of tin whistle and other “limited” instruments. I used to be able to transpose a piece “in the moment” depending on what instrument I had nearby. Now any new scores written with ms4 I can’t utilize in this fashion, as a paying pro user of 3 years it’s disappointing. And wherever we can rant to get this issue resolved so be it!

I think I’ll be blowing out candles 🎂 on this “issues “ second birthday though ….

Monkeys to the left, chickens to the right 😂

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You, Sir, are wrong. It's not that they can do anything. For a fact, they won't do anything. Complaining in that website is useless it seems because they never respond. is the closest to whom I can lodge a complain about their incompetence.

anyways, forget about it. i am not going to tolerate any more of your stupid, useless analogies.

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So you, kumarjitdey94, have an analogy intolerance?
What will happen at the next analogy? Will your left arm fall off or your right leg explode?

"I am not goi g to tolerate" 🤣🤣🤣

Come on, grow up and learn to behave.
If someone is kind enough to help you to understand FACTS be kind even if you are frustrated.

Or go out and cry and shout to the next street sign - will have the same effect. (Oops another analogy)

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"Complaining in that website is useless it seems because they never respond. is the closest to whom I can lodge a complain"

You're right, and unfortunately you've summed up the situation very well: on the one hand, no response from, and on the other, volunteers on this forum, users like you of the Musescore software, who have absolutely no means of dealing with this kind of request. Unfortunately, it's a lose-lose situation.

exactly the same issue here. just spent an afternoon transposing a track. went to practice and play back on app and it won't load! Works fine on laptop browser - but that's not as good for playback rehearsal and practice. seems like a fundamental bit functionality that's not working here.

I had unknown crashing issues with Musescore3 on the computer i use the most. when Musescore4 is working there. It made me happy until i found the same issue as yours, neither iOS or Android app can open the file saved in musescore4. 😞

I have the same problem. A MuseScore 3 file I uploaded loads on my Samsung phone and my iPad, but my MuseScore 4 file does not. Both show up on my laptop, but on my phone and I pad, I simply get a blank screen when I try to load the MuseScore 4 file.

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Of course.
But it is the Musescore "brand" that is being blamed for such a situation. It's been 5 months since version 4 was released, since the problem was reported, and we are still at the same point, while the updates of the app follow one another.

Personally, I have already reported the problem several times on the .com forum, and directly to customer support.

Don't tell me that we can bypass the problem by accessing the scores via the .com site. We pay a 'PRO' subscription to be able to use an app with its particularities.

Is anyone in the upper echelons of the Musescore constellation aware (informed?) of the problem and of this lack of professionalism?

Here it is. This is my rant of the day. I know it won't do any good, but it feels good!

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Addition : Participating in the help for the use of Musescore on the French forum, I admit that this problem added to the numerous and important dysfunctions of the version 4 make me uncomfortable and lead me to limit my interventions on this forum. And I think I am not the only one.

Same problem here.
Musescore 4 now is just worthless if you cannot play pieces on the mobile application... I cancelled my subscription for this reason

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I think tantacul needs to make a YouTube video about how ridiculous this is, I nearly spat my coffee laughing when it opened the browser WITHIN the app … like look peeps what’s your problem “just use the website!” But it didn’t even pass through the scores page I was trying to load.

It seems the v. 4.1 doesn't solve the issue.
I tried and although I can see the sheet miniature in the list when I open it I just get a blank screen.

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Somebody above said this:
"Don't tell me that we can bypass the problem by accessing the scores via the .com site. We pay a 'PRO' subscription to be able to use an app with its particularities."

Actually, I think you pay a pro subscription for access in general. I don't think you need the app to listen to any score at your subscription level.

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Quote : "Actually, I think you pay a pro subscription for access in general. I don't think you need the app to listen to any score at your subscription".

I'd like to be able to use my scores offline on my tablet 1. To do this, I send them to 'Songbook -> Avalaible offline', and only the PRO version [^2] allows this. See this page: "…"

  1. I sometimes play in natural settings with no Internet connection. That still exists in our beautiful world! ↩︎

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Thanks for that explanation. Makes sense.
And yet not being able to do any editing makes the app useless for me. I don't use the .com site for anything anymore. I have two experimental pieces there.
I have MU4 on my Surface so I don't need the internet either. I have an Android tablet. Not very useful for music creation.

My God, it is going to be a year next month since OP has started this thread! And this problem still persists. I was thinking of getting pro subscription. But I have changed my mind. Another thing I find ridiculous about this app is it won't let you search in landscape mode.

Hey guys,
I think I've found a nice way to overcome this.
I wrote my score on version 4, then I save it in MusicXML format (you can choose it on the export window)
Then, I uploaded that file to the website, and it worked on my iPad where I use the app.
thanks, Jojo-Schmitz, in an old post about converting files from Muscore 4 to 3 you wrote about this method...
Hope it will work out for you too

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likewise, you can use 'Import PDF'. It produces mscz file in Ver 3. If you upload it to the site AS IS (without edit), mobile player will play it. (it worked on my Android)
However, if you open it in the musescore 4, and upload from there, it will be converted to Ver 4, and the player will not play it.


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