Not being able to edit 'staff text line' or 'system text line'

• Dec 23, 2022 - 20:36
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So when you add an 'system text' or 'staff text' you're allowed to edit this by double clicking the item. You can add your own text. But for both 'system text line' and 'staff text line' from the Text Palette there's no option or way to edit this text. Meaning this function is broken.


I can edit the text easily enough in the various lines (including staff text, system text, voltas, cresc., and dim.) - the properties have two option boxes: "Style" and "Text". Selecting the "Text" box allows editing the text. However, I found no method to change the text style as can be done with staff text and system text. In one of my scores, the arranger, wanted "Build", underlined, instead of "cresc.". I found no way to add the underline.

To keep with the smaller size of the properties in MU 4.0, one implementation, would be to provide a third box, in addition to the line style and the text option boxes, possibly called "Text Style". Another would be to provide a "more" pop-up for each text option (beginning, continuation, end as appropriate) to allow changing the text style.

I also just ran into this same issue, currently using version 4.0.2. Editing "Staff text" works fine, but I cannot edit the text in "Staff text line."

[OS: Windows 10 Version 2009, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.2-230651553, revision: dbe7c6d]

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I just downloaded MuseScoreNightly-231800501-4.1.0-37b8793-x86_64.7z and tried it. I can change the style of the line and I can change the text, but I cannot change the style of the text without doing a global style change on the page (score or part).
If one selects a "staff text" element and then looks at "Properties ...", one sees a "Text" widget which contains five text style widgets: Font, Style, Size, Alignment, and More... . If one selects a "staff text line" element, one sees a "Text line" widget which has two options, "Style" (should be titled "Line", not "Style") and "Text". Either:
1. this Text widget should contain the text style widgets, possibly within a "Text Style" widget, or
2. the "Text line" widget should be followed by a "Text" widget which contains the text style widgets.

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I am running ver 4.1.1 and am unable to edit any staff or system text. I double click on the text object to select it, but then right clicking does not provide the option to edit. Am I doing something wrong ? All of the on line help says to use the steps I have been using. I used to be able to edit the text in previous versions. Please help.