How to delete a score from the SCORES opening page?

• Dec 26, 2022 - 21:56

How to delete a score from the SCORES opening page?


Okay, I'm editing my answer, based on some minutes of experimenting with saving files, and where they go, and deleting files, and where they are stored. I'm new to MuseScore4 also, in fact, I rarely used MuseScore3.

First, yes, it would be nice if you could just right click on any file that is showing in the opening SCORES display and delete it, whether it is saved in the cloud, saved to your computer, or just something you tried and DIDN'T SAVE at all, but seems stuck there, just because you opened a midi file or whatever, and wanted to look at it.

Someone else commented that the way to get rid of those annoying files you didn't save, is to OPEN RECENT, select a recent file you hadn't saved, and go to the bottom of the menu and select CLEAR RECENT FILES. That clears ALL recent files, but not ones that you've saved either to the cloud or to your computer. (Someone please correct me on this, if you think this is wrong.)

One solution, although it is annoying, as a way of dealing with these files you don't save, is to save all the files you import into MuseScore4, and save them either to your computer, or to the cloud.

Files saved to the cloud can be deleted using the online Score Manager, see #1 below:
1. Go to the lower left-hand corner of the SCORES opening page and you will see a rectangular button entitled "Score Manager (online)" If you click on it, it will take you to a directory of your scores where you can easily delete any you want. ( I know you wrote NOT using the score manager, but I'm including this because your post is the one that comes up in a search for how to do this, and other people might want to know.

Files saved to your computer can be deleted using this #2 method, and I think you can also delete cloud files this way:
2. Go to the directory on your computer where the scores are stored, and delete them that way. For me, in Windows, the directory is Documents/MuseScore4/ and then there are two sub-folders in MuseScore4 called "Cloud Scores," and "Scores." Click on the files within either of those two sub-directories that you want to delete to highlight them, and press the delete key.

What you see on the opening page is your recent scores list.
So far the only option I found is in the File menu (File - Open recent - Clear recent files) - but that clears the complete list (and screen)
Technically I think the recent file list is stored in the MuseScore4.ini file - you might be able to remove single files from there, but I wouldn't recommend messing around unless you really know what you are doing and have a backup ready.....

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I think what confuses people, as it confused me, the files you just want to look at, let's say midi files, and not save, get stuck on that opening screen. It can really fill up fast, if you're looking at bunch of midi files in a row.

Am I correct in thinking the CLEAR RECENT FILES, will not delete any files that are saved to the cloud or to your computer, only the icons on the SCORES page that you didn't save? In other words, it's just clearing files from the recent file queue, not the files themselves?

This is really not handy. It's still in the early stages though, and hopefully they'll add a feature where you can right-click on an icon and delete the file, whether it's a saved file or just an icon link to something you loaded and looked at but didn't save.

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I was trying to think about this from the range of use-cases perspective, and one thing nobody wants to have happen is to work for hours or weeks on a score, and then have it disappear accidentally. There is a certain convenience to having recently opened files, as represented by icons/links on the opening screen, whether you saved them or not. You can open them up easily without reloading. That might be useful in certain situations.

And as you wrote, the ability to clear single items from the recent file queue would be fine with me. It's not like anyone is going to have a fit if they thought they were deleting a file, but it only cleared it from the recent files queue or deleted the icon for something they didn't save. I still think it might be better for unsaved files to just disappear after you close them and don't save.

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Hi. Very much liking Musescore 4 except for the messy and counter intuitive way to manage and delete scores. I'm not great at writing scores so I end up with many versions. The inability to just select and delete a score on the Home Page seems bizarre.

Why does the Musescore application only display recent files on the Home page? Would it not be better if the Score Manager was integrated within the application. Having it opening in a browser window outside of the application feels very odd and it's not helped by it being clunky and slow to use, especially if you aren't sure which versions are worth keeping. I assume the wait for it to display older scores is it having to decompress cloud saved files.

Do you need to differentiate between cloud and computer when saving? If Setup directed new users to choose the computer save location before a first score can be started, Musescore could just save to both automatically. If cloud and computer saved files are kept synchronised the uncompressed versions might be available much faster. This would also avoid the need to display and manage two copies of every score, which just makes tidying up take twice as long. A more simple solution is just to default to saving in the cloud and let users make manual backups from within an integrated Musescore Score Manager, as needed.

Finally, I use two different computers to work in Musescore and logic, and experience of cloud based apps, would tell me that if I have been working on one machine, and my score is saved to the cloud and visible on the Homepage, it should still be on the Homepage when I have moved to the other machine. Alas, no. Having the files synchronised to the account and managed within the application would presumably fix this.

I do appreciate that making these suggestions is easy, but I hope they could be considered for a future update.


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Better integration with is being worked on.

But, to be clear, the Home page is not a place where your scores are stored; it is simply a slit of your recent scores. Aside from the new experimental cloud score feature, scores are stored as ordinary files on your computer like how every single other computer program does it. So, there is nothing "messy" about this, really - it's how computer programs have worked for literally decades.

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Hi Marc

I guess my expectation was that Musescore 4 was going to behave more like a cloud based application. I use a cloud based writing app and it's great being able to grab whatever device is to hand and just get straight back into a project. I download backups manually when I think I've got a few scenes or chapters in decent shape, but working copies, drafts and outlines are parked online until a project is completed so they're always accessible. Easy with text, probably less so with the complexity of a score.

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It's definitely not that, at least not yet. The cloud features are a work in progress - more new stuff coming in 4.1, more still after that - but it's still a desktop app that only happens to also be able to store files in the cloud.

But for the type of workflow you describe, much better to just use Google Drive or Dropbox to sync your scores folders across devices. That's what I do, and it works just as you describe - gravb whatever device is on hand and continue working. But since it's still a desktop app, you still need to actually save the file normally, and make sure you aren't trying to work on it from two different systems simultaneously or the changes will overwrite each other, etc.

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Until that feature is added, I have a suggestion for people using Windows, and it can probably apply to other operating systems. In MuseScore4, in the top left menu, click on Edit, Preferences, Folders, and set a pathway where you want your scores to be saved.

If you want the quickest access for deleting scores you've saved, then make a folder for your scores on your Desktop and have that be your pathway. I keep mine in the MuseNet4, Scores folder in Documents, which is the default setup, because I think they are safer there than on the desktop, but I could create a link to that folder on the Desktop for convenience, when I want to delete scores, or open them quickly without even opening MuseScore4.

And on that subject, if you want to open MuseScore4 score by clicking on a score file in a Windows folder, the first time you do that, you will have to change the file association to MuseScore4, if you are keeping MuseScore3 on your system. I will be keeping MuseScore3 on my computer temporarily, because I like the quantize feature in the import panel for midis. I like it better than using the one in my DAW software, for when I went to change MIDI pieces into correct notation.

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