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• Dec 27, 2022 - 23:01

Does Musescore 4 Appimage for linux (Ubuntu/Mint) not have an abc import plug-in. All I get when I click Manage Plug-ins is a page showing a few disabled plug-ins. The search box yields nothing. Presumably plug-ins are still to be added/developed...

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The plugins shown by default within MuseScore are the ones actually shipped by default. but you can still download and install others. My recollection is that the new ABC plugin in particular has been updated and should work - the original shipped with MU3 stopped working months ago.

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See the updated plugin description page and short screencast in there.

The MS4 Plugin API doesn't allow opening files yet. I attempted to work around that by forcing the file open dialog and at that point also have the temporary downloaded file path in your clipboard. Depending on the OS you should be able to then paste in the file path directly in the open dialog to get the converted file.

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