(Solved)In Musescore 4, you can't add beam over rests

• Dec 30, 2022 - 03:34

In Musescore 4, you can't add beam over rests. In Musescore 1/2/3, the problem can be solved by this→https://musescore.org/en/node/11370, which is on the Musescore official website. However, the same process can't solve the problem when using Musescore 4. I selected the rest, and there is no "Beam Properties" palette. I tried selecting the two notes which I want to add beam and clicked the icon in the "Beam Properties" palette, but nothing happened.
I assume this problem occured because the newest version had some development bugs, so I really hope you can take time to fix this. It really troubled me a lot. Much appreciations.


I just now added the Beam Properties palette. Selected 16th notes on either side of a 16th rest and hit the center beam icon in the palette. Worked for me.

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It works exactly the same as MU3. Select the rest, press the "Join beams" icon. If you continue to have trouble, please attach your score. Be sure you are looking at the Beam properties palette, not the Properties panel As mentioned, you need to add the "Beam properties" palette using the "Add palettes" button, as this palette is not displayed by default.

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I had this same issue, as have several others. It's not intuitive to be able to edit beams for notes but not rests when it works from the pallet. I see a straightforward fix:

Thought process:
- I want to extend beams
- I select all the notes surrounding the rest I want beamed over
- I go to properties - note - beam and select Join Beams
- Nothing changes
- "Maybe editing the rest might work"
- Click the rest
- The Beam settings have disappeared
- Give up (and post yet another question on these forums)

The "Join Beams" setting in the pallet works perfectly, but is inaccessible from the rest's properties setting.

Solution: Add a menu for properties - rest - beam

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