Solo Violin — Quartet versus Orchestra Sound Difference

• Dec 31, 2022 - 13:03

Hello, I hope someone can advise please.

Using MS4 (and Muse Sounds), the solo violin sounds very different in a quartet to an orchestra.

Although I understand the decision to render the quartet as small-room chamber music as opposed to the concert hall ambience, but the issue I have is that the solo violin in a symphony setting still sounds like multiple violins.

Can I make the orchestral solo sound more true-to-life?

Thanks for advice.


AFAIK, there isn't a different solo violin sound used in an orchestra setting. Test this by setting up a score with a solo staff and a section staff. have each instrument play the same short phrase one after the other. Then maybe set up a score with full orchestra or use something you already have, and take turns swapping out the first violin part for solo and section sounds. Do the same with a quartet. Notice the different playing styles between solo and section. Sometimes it seems like that is the only difference.

This is the world of trying to mix recorded sounds. Things don't mix the same as real life. Especially when there is too much reverb.

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