Shortcuts "Q" and "W" do not work in note entry mode anymore.

• Jan 6, 2023 - 17:59

In Musescore 3, the keyboard shortcuts Q and W were used to instantly halve and double the note values respectively (Shift+Q and Shift+W still took the dotted notes into account), whether in note entry mode or in selection mode.

In Musescore 4, Q and W only work in selection mode, but no longer in note entry mode (in which I find this tool all the more practical). Shift-Q and Shift-W, on the other hand, still work as in Musescore 3.

Also with Q and W, the notes should be halved and doubled again immediately in the input mode, and not only with the next note (as is currently the case in Musescore 4) (for the assignment of the note values to the following notes, one can use the number keyboard shortcuts).


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The behavior of Q and W changed between MU3 and MU4, by design. They previously acted on the selected (eg, most recently entered) note, but now they work like the other duration commands, to set the duration for the next entered. This was to simplify entry of tablature (where the number keys are for entering frets rather than duration) and for compatibility with some other apps that provide a similar mode. Meanwhile, Shift+W and Shift+Q continue to operate on the selected note as before.

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Thank you for the response.
I personally find the way it behaved in MU3 much more intuitive and convenient, as the duration of the last note placed can be adjusted afterwards (just like the accidentals via key-up/-down, the articulation, the dynamics,...).

Maybe you could implement both variants in the list of keyboard shortcuts so that the user can set their own preference:
• halve selected note (previous)
• halve selected note (next)
• double selected note (previous)
• double selected note (next)
(the same incl. dotted notes respectively)

I would be very grateful to have this implemented!

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