Audio quality mess in new MS4

• Jan 7, 2023 - 05:39
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I do not know how many scores this will apply to, but when I try to use the new built-in soundfonts the instruments just fall apart. This especially happens with strings. The audio becomes crackly and out of sync.

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Can confirm, this happens constantly to me and I'm not sure why. It's not like my computer has audio troubles with anything else. I've tried changing the buffer size but that barely does anything. This makes the program borderline unusable.

Can confirm as well. This may go hand-in-hand, but I checked out the MuseHub afterwards. For some reason all the nice sounding files that you can download from MuseHub uninstalled themselves. They are trying to instal but won't, and you can't pause or uninstall them from the hub to fix them.

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The attached scores seems to play normally for me. It could be you need to increase your buffer size in Edit / Preferences / I/O. Or it may be that your audio device uses too high a sample rate - see if you can find that option in your device's settings or within your OS, and turn it down to either 44.1 or 48 kHz.

If that doens't help. please open a new thread in the Support forum and incldue more system details - what OS, what processor, how much RAM, what audio device, what it's settings are, etc. then someone with more system adminsitration experience may be able to help you optimize the settings.

A couple of days ago I made a little experiment. I had a pure MS Basic score and I got a bad idea: Let's hear some MuseSound instruments! The result was a clearly bad sounding score.

OK, it's too early to use MuseSounds, I thought and I did reset all instruments back to MS Basic. The score sounded still bad, in a different way.

So, I dug the backup but found that it was sounding bad too....

I think I have to export the score to pure midi, load it in a daw, purge all tracks and finish it in the daw.

So, MuseSounds change the score itself and the changes are not reversible. My point is that this is a bad policy.

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No, Muse Sounds does not alter your score in any way whatsoever. Whatever happened on your system to make the audio mess up must have been unrelated - like maybe an OS or audio device driver update happened that same day or something else like that. If you'd like help sorting out what happened, please start a new thread on the Support forum and attach the score plus more details about your system and the things you were doing that day (and other setting changes you remember making within MuseScore or in your OS, etc).