Musescore 3 file won't open in Musescore 4

• Jan 16, 2023 - 12:32

I recently updated to Musescore 4 and have a few scores from Musescore 3 that are unfinished. However, when I try to open these scores the entire software freezes. Does anyone know if there's a fix to this?


  1. Does this happen with all (your) old files or just with a few?
  2. Which OS?
  3. Could you upload one of the affected files here to have a closer look?

None of my scores show up in MuseScore 4. I don't know if I should copy the scores from the MuseScore 3 Score file and paste them into MuseScore 4 or not. To Eliza's point, any way to fix this? I am very excited to start using this. I have a MacBook Pro, v. 12.6. Thanks!

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I am afraid that is completely unrelated to this problem here - and not a bug at all. MS3 and MS4 use different default folders for their files, thus they don't see each other's files.
So either you modify the settings in preferences and change the default folder or you literally copy the MS3 files to the MS4 folder (which would be my recommendation for the time being, a file once saved in MS4 cannot be opened again with MS3, at least not easily).

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Scores that were made in Musescore v4 do not open in Musecore v3. One can copy them into Musecore v3's folder it makes no difference. So, quick question, how do you open a Musecore v4 score in Musescore v3. The reason I am asking is because I regret having downloaded Musecore v4 and much prefer Musecore v3, but unfortunately went and created a whole lot of scores in Musecore v4 already and want to revert back to Musecore v3 without losing my work.

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I ended up having to repair Musecore 3 in order to try and open it. It would appear that the moment one exports from Musecore4 to Musecore3 it causes Musescore3 to crash. You then do a quick repair, boot up for changes to take effect and then it will open the exported file, albeit with minus it's coloured fonts and proper chords etc.

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I will try that. Thank you so very much, JoJo for always responding so quickly. I still have to add the piano chord diagrams so am wondering how that will pan out, but we will see...... I am going to toss Musecore 4 as I find version 3 a lot more user-friendly menu-wise and faster to score in general. The version 4 also takes up way to much space and RAM. Have a super day further.

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