Observations, not sure about bugs

• Jan 17, 2023 - 03:23

Congratulations on the release of MuseScore 4.

Please understand: I'm neither a musician nor an engraver/printer, just a singer in a church choir, often struggling with printer-convenient scores that are hard to follow. That's why I opt to print the scores in a way that I can better follow what we're supposed to sing when, how, etc.

As a first encounter with "4" I grabbed one of my earliest efforts (the one without the composer's name in the filename) done a few years back. The only thing I've done so far is expand the filename by including the composer's name and the recommended
Select all | Format |Styles |Reset All Styles to Default - OK

As Henry Francis Lye's "Ys" extend lower than the other letters, the whole part is pushed up to accommodate it inside the heading box while the composer's name sits on the bottom of the box.

The positioning of hairpins looks untidy: in bar 11 Alto line 2 hairpins collide in the Piano acc. I just checked with the old "3" version: it's the same, the default positioning in "4" has had not corrected it, my poor positioning lives on :o(

In the piano part in bars 35-36 there is a line from the bottom staff to the upper staff - what's it's name?

Where can I find a glossary of all the symbols and their meaning not just in US-English but in UK-English as well, if they differ?


You know more than you think. It's just getting used to new software. The style reset has no direct affect on the score. It resets any changes you may have made to the software settings. You can drag hairpin to the proper place. Not sure what that line is called. It tells the player there's a voice change up to the treble staff. I don't think it is needed.

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