Newbie 4.01 questions

• Jan 17, 2023 - 21:59

Getting used to MuseScore 4.0. I was never an expert at 3.x, so I'm struggling a little.

--How do I select an insert point in the score, to begin playback? If I select a note, I seem to be choosing "voice 1" or "voice 2." I seem to be able to click a blank spot in the score to de-select either voice. That seems to work (I'm not sure) but it seems kind of kludgy. There's probably something basic I'm not getting.

--I'm editing a complex score for multiple vocal parts plus piano accompaniment (made by someone else). Most of the vocal lines are marked with slurs, to indicate legato. MuseScore is playing these passages back as if the legato notes are slurred, so two adjacent notes of the same pitch are slurred together when they are played back. Is there any way to adjust the degree of legato playback in this situation? The "properties" palette is gone, so I don't know where to begin.

--In this score, vocal parts that are temporarily silent are not displayed. I'm not sure how the original author did this. If, in a given passage, the tenor part (for example) is not displayed, how can I force it to display, so I can add a few notes to the tenor part?


When you select a note you not only select the voice, but that is also the place that playback of the entire score starts.
MuseScore doesn't playback slurs or legato. What you are probably hearing is the excessive reverb that can't yet be dialed back.

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Again, select a note were you want to start. Hit "play", or the space bar. The entire score plays from that point.
If I want to start playback in measure 23 (or any measure), I select a note on the first beat of that measure. I hit 'play".
This was true in MS3. What is nice is that if I want to start in the middle of a measure, I can.

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It is nice that playback can start in the middle of a measure.

I'm probably just being silly. It bothers me that when I click a note for a playback starting point, the icon for "voice 1" or "voice 2" gets highlighted and stays that way. I worry that only certain parts are playing back, and not others. That might not be correct. I haven't puzzled that out yet.

If, during playback, I click on "voice 2" when "voice 1" is highlighted, the playback starts back at the same place. I can't figure out why that is. I'm not even sure the score I'm working on at the moment even has a second voice. (Someone else made the score.)

I'm not complaining about version 4.0. Just giving some feedback, for what it's worth.

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