Musescore 4 doesn't play invisible staves

• Jan 19, 2023 - 11:02

I often have to add invisible staves when entering choral music.

In Musescore 3 these played normally, but in Musescore 4 I have to make them visible to hear them.


I completely agree.

Because of this, I still use v3 to make practice videos for our choir. The video shows the Sopranos/Altos stave and Tenor/Bas stave (in continous mode), so it looks just like the singers have on paper. I have invisible staves for each voice, and using the mixer can create videos where each of the voices is singled out and the others are in the background.

IMHO, this is a completely unnecessary change in v4. What was wrong with switching sounds on and off in the mixer and independent thereof switch visability in the instrumentview?

There is a workaround already mentioned here somewhere. In the instrument panel click on the little triangle next to the open eye and close the eye of the clef. This will hide it but it will play.

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I'll stick with v3 for the moment. I tried v4 using the workaround and found that, when using the new sounds, although great sounding, it is completely unusable. With more than 2 voices, notes get delayed or lost. On my core i7, I see one core at 100% and all others idling.
It works when using the msbasic sounds, but than I can't change the instrument in the stave editting view; hitting 'replace instruments' goes into some invisable dialog that you can only exit by pressing ESC.

This comes ontop of the general slow performance of v4, especially on scores longer than, say 4 pages.

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