Bug with play function

• Jan 20, 2023 - 19:17
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S3 - Major
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Since late update MuseScore 4.0.1, play function does not work correctly.
Seems that adding objects such as Pedal, p, pp, f, ff, dim. rall. and so on makes play function sudden start when hearing.
Here are some scores. Some with added objects and some without.

Nota Bene : score Romance Flûte et Piano S JADASSOHN was containing various objects (Pedal, p, pp etc) wich are now deleted. However the problem lasts.

Thks coop


I have opened the first score "Souvenirs". What steps do I now need to take to reproduce the problem? Is there a specific note that is not playing correctly for you?

Oddly, no problem when exporting scores to mp3 files. Sound is ok, no skips with sound.
Anyway, I uninstalled et re installed MuseScore and scores are played normally.
I don't know what happened, until next problem, I hope not.

I think I have found the origin of the problem.
When using shorcut to open MuseScore, the music is badly read.
When opening score file from explorer, no problem. Could you figure it out ?

I'm not sure what shortcut you mean, and I also still don't understand the problem.

Please describe precisely, step by step, what someone would need to do in order to reproduce the problem.

When I first installed MuseScore, the system had generated a shortcut on my desktop. I now realize that this shorcut used to open Muse Score was the source of my problem which was :
a score read with the play function of the program was unable to give a smooth listening ; music was jerky, with skips and chords played twice as well as some isolated notes were played twice too. This is hard to explain : instead of regular ta ta ta ta, you could hear tada ta tada.
Anyway, I solved the problem when I discovered that the shortcut generated when I first intalled the program was probably corrupt by I don't know what and I doubt that someone could do the same in order to reproduce the problem, probably because this bloody shortcut must have been corrupt by windows or anything else. Anyway, opening scores files with the explorer is the best way for me to be sure that I don't get problems.
I do appreciate the time.

Whatever you were noticing in connection to the desktop shortcut is almost certainly just coincidence. There is no way for a shortcut to be "corrupted" in some way that would cause playback problems. Either the shortcut opens the program or it doesn't. So, it's more likely about the specific score you were listening to, or how many other programs were also running at the same time and thus using your CPUY and RAM, or what audio device you were using, aor any of a hundred other possible variable.

Anyhow, if you ever do figure out exactly how to reproduce whatever problem you were perceiving, be sure to let us know, and post the precise steps here.