Incomplete tuplet

• Jan 22, 2023 - 23:15

I'm transcribing a piece of unmetered music, and I came across a "triplet" containing only 2 notes, instead of the usual 3, as can be seen in the attached image. What this means (I suppose) is that these 2 notes are to be played at the same speed of the notes in the following triplets.
I can't find a way to properly transcribe this in MuseSore. Normally a triplet of 16th notes adds up to an 8th note, which means that this incomplete tuplets should add up to 2/3 of an 8th note, which is not something that really exists in standard music notation as far as I know. I just cannot think of any way to write this, while also having a correct playback.
Does anyone know if this can be achieved?

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Unfortunately this is a piece for an un-accompanied instrument, so there is no other part to look at.

I agree that this is extremely unusual, and personally I had never seen something like this before, but given the circumstance the incomplete tuplet interpretation might make sense. But I guess it's possible that I'm reading too much into it.

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