Why are my MuseSound Woodwind files not showing up in Musescore 4 files even though I downloaded them with MuseHub?

• Jan 29, 2023 - 14:25

I successfully downloaded and installed all of the other instrument groups, but when I opened up a Hans Zimmer score, all of the woodwinds defaulted to MS Basic sounds and I wasn't given the option to use the new woodwind MuseSounds

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Sometimes this happens. But you can use the Mixer to change to MuseSounds. This is done on an individual instrument basis.

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Yes, I did before I posted.
In the mixer, hover over where it says MS Basic. Click on the down arrow. Mouse over Muse Sounds. Mouse over the instrument group you want. Woodwinds in this case. Select the instrument you want.

Why didn't MuseScore do tis automatically? It depends on the source of the score. Only a score exported from MuseScore 4 will load instruments properly. Unless who ever exported the file used MS Basic sounds on purpose.

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