Notes belonging to two voices at the same time

• Feb 1, 2023 - 06:22

I'm trying to replicate ameasure shown on the first picture, where there are notes that belong to two voices at the same time.
I understand that it should be doable with Musescore, as it is a very simple/typical task. However, the results I'm getting now (picture 2) are not exactly the same.
Do you know how to implement what I see on Pic 1 in MuseScore?
Thank you.

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Select the first 16th note and hide it by pressing v. The note in voice 2 will then automatically shift into place.

The notehead in voice 1 will show gray onscreen unless you have View>Show Invisible unchecked.

However, even if View>Show Invisible is checked, the hidden sixteenth will note print, so you won't get a gray blotch in the center of you half note.


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