Support of hammer on and pulloff

• Sep 25, 2014 - 01:31
S5 - Suggestion

Musescore 2.0 beta 1

I have attached a musicxml file to this post. Load it into Musescore. Save it back to musicxml with a different file name. Now look at the two xml files. Search for the 'slur' tag. Notice in the original file there were pulloff, slide and hammeron tags above most of the slurs. Notice that the Musescore generated xml file has removed all this information and retained only the slur.

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Title [MusicXML] Support of hammer on, pulloff and slide in MusicXML import/export Support of hammer on and pulloff

The issue is not that the MusicXML import/export do not support hammer on, pulloff and slide, MuseScore does not support hammer on and pull off at all. Slide is supported (but the attached file does not contain any slide I can find).

The standard way of notating ligados (hammer on and pull off) in guitar music is to use slurs.

In many tab books very often you will find h (for hammer on ) and po (for pull off) written above the slur.

IMO the extra lettering amounts to tautology, as it is obvious that an upward ligado is a hammer on and a downward ligado is a pull off.

It is, however, easy enough to use staff text to add this extra indication.

Personaly I also regard this as minor due to the ease with which it can be worked around, I will leave it to another opinion whether to downgrade its status, however.