Chord Inversion

• Feb 7, 2023 - 23:37

Is there a quick way to move a chord up (i.e., the next inversion up)? I found some reference to a plugin 'Next Inversion' but it does not appear on the list for 4.0


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So, the only way I could get the Plugin to appear was to load the original MS 3.0 version in the ProgramFiles/MuseScore4/Plugin. It would load and be enabled. It just doesn't do anything. I tried making the edits suggested, but then it didn't even load. Looks like my only hope is that the originator decides to make a MS4 version someday. I did load it to MS3 and it works like a charm there.

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You may know this already, but maybe not…
You can go back and forth between MU3 & MU4: MU4 can open MU3 files, and if you export MU4 files to XML you can open them in MU3 (but XML does not export everything)
EDIT: and another thing: I hope you made the suggested changes in a plain text editor
EDIT2: MusicXML does some annoying things with chord symbols though. See

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The Plugin I shared here and updated the original plugin page with, does work for Mu3 and Mu4

Edit 1: It does load and work in Mu3 and loads in Mu4, but indeed doesn't do anything there, sorry I didn't test that before.
So there got to be some internals that need more work

Edit 2: Actualy it does work, sort of, in Mu4's logs I found

2023-02-09T09:57:36.513 | INFO | main_thread | NotationProject | doSave: success save file: "C:/Users/(username)/AppData/Local/MuseScore/MuseScore4/new_project.mscz"

and indeed that new_project.mscz had the modifications/inversions in it.
That's not enough though to claim it being available for Mu4...

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