Four issues using 4.01with One file

• Feb 9, 2023 - 23:34
Reported version
S3 - Major
needs info
  1. Version 4 file was corrupted. Exported as XML. Opened in ver. 3. Noted and then fixed five corrupted measures (63, 107, 112, 116, 126, 130, 158). All were voice 2 of Drumset had too many rests. Now the file would open in ver. 3 with no corrupt files, but when opened in ver. 4 was told that it still was corrupted.
  2. Now when the file is played or exported it sounds like the piano is playing the drumset. One very nasty sound as you will see.
  3. Tuba notes in range are in red, measures 25 and 120.
  4. Concert Pitch seems to be working in reverse for notes, but is correct for key signature. Examples include Trumpets measure 27 and horns in same area.


Frequency Once Many
Status active needs info

I'm not understanding the corruption issue. Ficing the corruptions in MU3 is all well and good, but it appears you did not attach that file, you attached the version from before you made the corrections - it was last saved in MU4. Anyhow, if you fix the errors within MuseScore 4 and save, it should be good.

The drumset staff is indeed set to Grad Piano in the Mixer. Use the Instruments panel to change it back to drumset. In order to investigate, we'd need to know how that happened. Same with the concert pitch, and the tuba range. In other words, we'd need to see the score as it existed before the problem occured, and then precise steps to trigger the problems.

n the future, please use the Support forum when asking for help using MuseScore. Then, if something a problem you are experiencing is confirmed to be an actual bug and there are precise steps to reproduce the problem, then an issue can be opened - one per bug.