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• Feb 22, 2023 - 16:53

As a new user, I'm still confused about how hairpins are implemented in MS4. I have two questions:

1) The MS3 handbook makes mention of the ability to edit the 'Velocity Change' in the Inspector.

I do not see that capability in the 'Properties' palette of MS4. Am I missing it somehow? The MS4 Handbook makes no mention of editing Velocity Change.

2) When you use a hairpin with no specified dynamic marking at the beginning or end of the hairpin, what dynamic level is it actually changing from/to? In the attached JPG file, a decrescendo is indicated across several measures -- if no dynamic level had been previously indicated in the score, I assume the dynamic is at mf, yes? And if so, what is the ending dynamic? p? , pp?, ppp?


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There is no ability yet to define hairpins, yet.
There needs to be a dynamic mark at the end of the hairpin. Otherwise MuseScore ( and real players ) won't know what dynamic to change to.
The beginning of the hairpin uses the previous level, or the mark at the beginning of the hairpin.
If there is no dynamic at the end, the hairpin is ignored.

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Ok, thx for that. The excerpt I attached was a screenshot from a symphonic piece on that I imported into MS4. There were many instances in the score where there were no dynamics specified at either end of the hairpin. I would certainly indicate beginning/ending dynamics in my own work.

~ Kevin J.

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On some level, dynamics and tempo. and even instrumentation or up to the performer. They are applied or ignored as seen fit.
But for notation software to playback properly, they are a must.
What you see on the .com site, or indeed most anywhere, is what the person or publisher thought they needed to do.

As with human players, if you put in a hairpin and don't specify an ending dynamic, then the result is undefined. Some people and programs will choose to do only a very subtle change, others an extreme one, and it may vary also according to their mood at the moment. In short, if you care about the result, don't rely on guessowkr - add the dynamic. If you prefer to let human players guess but want repeatable results in MuseScore, add the dynamic but hide it.

And indeed, velocity change is no longer a thing, it's all about the dynamics.

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