Slow response, garbled sound

• Feb 22, 2023 - 20:54
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MuseScore 4.01 on either Windows 10 build 10.019045, Ryzen 5 1400, 16GB RAM or Window 11 build 22621, Intel i5-1135G7 8GB RAM hangs momentarily (usually for about 20 seconds) between operations/changes to the score. Score playback is extremely distorted on either system; MuseScore will also hang on playback. Issues do NOT exist with the same score with MuseScore 3.x

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Not much of a response, Jojo. The fact that you don't have the problem doesn't give me any insight into how to fix it on my end. FYI, I was able to reduce the garbling by using sound fonts other than the ones available from MuseHub. The 20- to 30-second freezes continue, however, on all my machines.

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Well, systems - plural - I have two machines, one a desktop with a (admittedly older) Ryzen 5 processor and 16 GB RAM, the other a laptop with an Intel i5 11th generation processor and 8 GB RAM. Both run with NVMe drives, and BOTH exhibit the same issues with MuseScore 4. As a retired IT professional responsible for troubleshooting microcomputers, to me that smacks of a more generic issue than you - so far - have been willing to address.

As I said previously, installing different soundfonts has nearly eliminated the sound garbling, but the frequent 'pauses' in the software persist. If you're going to tell me that I need more than 16GB RAM in either machine, then I'll continue to use MuseScore 3 and forego any 'improvements' in version 4. The soundfont issue also suggests that those available on MuseHub need to be revisited.