Ritardando impossible; no options. WHY?

• Mar 3, 2023 - 22:55


Filing a complaint about the utter lack of simple options for ritardando. Why is this still the case after so many years? Nothing in text, nothing in tempo, nothing in lines, nothing in articulation...frankly it doesn't matter where it goes, just as long as it exists somewhere! Furthermore, I could not manually add a line to denote the beginning or end of the ritardando; choosing other text lines (such as diminuendo) were uneditable. This is a massive inconvenience for such a commonly-used musical instruction; please address this! I recall frequently having to manually add ritardando back in 2011, fiddle with the tempo in playback, and mark it all as invisible; that was an annoying workaround, but I was willing to tolerate it in 2011; it is intolerable in 2023. I am not the only user who has griped about this. Please...give us in-software options ritardando and accelerando at last!

Thank you!



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Three separate issues, three separate posts; you posted your advice in the wrong thread and I refrained from underlining this, as that other post about the stave text specifically stated I would create a separate post about the issue with ritardando and accelerando. I wanted to discuss the lack of these feature soley in its own context.

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Well, you seemed to think that tempo changes were stave text. In MU 4, they are found in the tempo pallet, or it should live there. I was trying to point that out and reassure you that there is no "massive error". We then got diverted onto why tempo changes were in my pallet but not in yours. It seems reasonable having found that there us no "massive error" to continue investigating the pallet issue in that thread.

So again, reply in which ever post you like, but it is important to check precisely which version of Musescore you are using from the Help>About menu. If it is the latest version, 4.0.1, and if a revert to factory settings doesn't fix it, then it looks like you may have uncovered a previously unknown bug which should be reported in Github.

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If you are not interested then don't read this: Git hub is the only place where you can report bugs and expect developers to see and act on those reports. You can find it here https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore

Whether you use it or not is up to you, but it is best to discuss issues with other users here on this forum first to confirm that they are really bugs and not user misunderstandings or bugs experienced in earlier versions that have been fixed in the current version.

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I took the advice of another poster, deleted the programme (had only downloaded about a month ago) and re-downloaded. When I opened it this time, the option to add ritardando was there (and it actually works during playback). I have no idea why my original download of the programme did not work, but obviously whatever the issue was, it has since been resolved. Re-downloading the programme also resolved the other two issues I was experiencing. Hopefully they will not occur again.

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You seem to keep insisting there was no massive error. But there was. It is now resolved, but the issue did exist.

Condescending attitudes like yours seem to be the culture of online forums, no matter the context, which is why I loathe using them to seek solutions to software problems.

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Well, if users don't provide the information requested in order to investigate their problems we are just fumbling in the dark. As I said in my very first reply "If my guess is incorrect, please come back and attach the score (.mscz file) so that someone can see what is going on."

Had you attached the score, someone could have investigated which version if Musescore you were using and that would have speeded up the diagnosis, as would reporting what you saw in the Help>About menu as you were asked several times.

But there we are. Your problem is now fixed, and I am happy for you.

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So, it was just a single score you were having problems with. That would also have been useful information; it might indicate that the score had become corrupted. However your post seemed to imply that this was a general problem, in which case any score, even a mostly empty one that shows the problem would have been useful.

I acknowledge that some scores can be difficult to make available in a public space, but that is by no means all scores and plenty of users do attach demonstration scores when asking for help, or at least explain that they can't or don't wish to attach them. So, no, it is not a given and asking for a score to help diagnosis seems quite reasonable to me, as is asking for the precise version of Musescore being used which surely has no copyright implications.

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"Git hub is the only place where you can report bugs"

The forum announcements from Tantacrul make it clear that bugs can be posted here too. I have been referred to "announcements" as the gold standard for process. But no one follows it and the announcements are never updated.

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Indeed! After all, the website link that says 'report a bug' points directly to the forum and the forum category is marked 'report a bug here'. If they want users to post bugs somewhere else, then the link to report bugs needs to point to that place and the forum needs to state 'this is NOT the place to report bugs'.

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As I understand it, this forum is the place for users to post problems they are having. Then there is general discussion by other users who may or may not have the same problem. Often a problem is solved by another user and then there is no longer a problem. If it is agreed that there is no solution, then the problem is escalated to GitHub.

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