Parts problems MS4.0.1

• Mar 8, 2023 - 15:06

I have not yet looked much into parts generation but here is a summary of the problems found so far:
- pizz. arco changes seem to created double pizz. markings on the same location
- hidden tempo markings show up in parts as visible
- new tempo control (accelerando etc.) don´t show up on parts at all
- 8va line was maybe MS4.0.0 showing double on parts. I removed one of them. I have deleted parts since but now 8va line on score does not snow at all on parts. Deleting and recreating the part does not help.
- also crescendo, diminuendo and trill lines are missing from parts
- There was at least an additional problem of pizz. and arco seemingly leaking into the CB part. This causes multiple rests to break up. An example attached. Bars 469-492 are empty for CB. First seven bars should appear as one multiple rest. EDIT: This appears to be caused by old markings staying on parts even they have been removed from main score. Reason that they appear here on CB is that on MS3 I used CB for all pizzicato. This applies to all intruments, though.

Waiting which of these are fixed in MS4.0.2.

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New version did not fix any of these but there is possibility to reset the part. This removes the extra items and brings back the missing - at least for a while. The resetting seems to dissapear when closing the part or editing it. I try to keep them opened to find out what causes it. Also, closing the score with parts added crashes the program but it can be re-opened with parts in it and with the markings still intact to what I can see.
EDIT: I might have not saved the score with all parts opened. One can also remove a part, save score. Then re-open score and part and it is still new one. So it works if saved after resetting the parts.

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I am a little confused how the updating of the parts is supposed to work with MS 4.0.2. I added a slur in score and it got updated correctly to the part. But changing stem directions on 5 places did not change in the part. Moving some text also did not appear on the part. When and what changes are supposed to change in the parts?
Did one more test: changing the same note hight shows up in the part as expected. I assume the problem is that the stem direction is not default and is not copied to part automatically. It makes sense if I would want to keep different layout for both. I know that part can be edited freely and it creates a problem for updates.

MS 4.0.2 has still these problems:
- hidden tempo markings in score show up in parts as visible
This happens when you add a marking and hide it. Old hidden markings are hidden.
- text line (old system text) keeps dropping from parts. On one instance half parts (3/6) have lost text lines without any indication. Have not checked carefully, mainly did some paging of the parts. Lost text was old way of making tempo adjustments. I replaced these old texts with new tempo lines and removed hidden tempo changes. Unfortunately the new ones disappear just the same.

I found a problem with the parts when I tried to create new parts with two instruments on it. One can add new part but it is empty and no way to add any instrument. Parts with instrument on it can not be deleted. If I don´t remember wrong there was a stage before parts existed on the score where instruments on a part could be chosen?

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For things marked invisible in the score but showing up in parts. You must open each part and (just as you did for the score) go to View/Show/(uncheck) Show Invisible.
Personally, I don't have any use for parts until I'm done with the score. In any event, what you do in one doesn't always show in the other, even in the best of circumstances. But then I don't like scores that don't show parts that aren't playing.

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It was not due to visibility settings. But visibility may be interpreted as a layout change which does not update from score to part. So it is a feature, I can live with this. But other items going unnoticed missing not. It is one of the main reasons of using parts instead of just copying from the score yourself.

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Sibelius also has a problem with parts not being updated. Though not too often. My point is that it might be worth waiting until the score is finished. Done with adding things. Done moving stuff around. Done, for the most part. I know, as if a score is ever really finished. Then generate parts. You have to check them all anyway.

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Yes, I agree on this point and this score has been 'finished' since 1985. There is a version with MS3.6 with parts but I am tempted to do a better, more true to original verion with MS4. In first view the target has been in creating an audio but keeping the score as close as possible to the original.
But since there are a lot of problems with MS4 compared to MS3 it is not possible in near future. So I have gone ahead and trying also new things with parts including cue notes. In most likelyhood this is just speculation and advancing the score's attraction for a possible performance.

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There are lots of problems that I have reported here earlier. Technically they may be on Muse Strings side or the interface to MU4. But they are stopping the audio use except one part of score.
The score is frosen now and for me a set of parts as pdf belong together. When the audio can be considered good enough for listening I will have a new go at it.
The reason why now the parts is because MS4.0.2 had a big improvement few weeks ago. It clears also some future score corruption problems so it makes sense to test it now.

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