Session backup file isn't updated after manual save

• Nov 15, 2009 - 22:54
S2 - Critical
  1. Create new score and add a few notes
  2. Wait 2 minute for auto-save to take effect
  3. File > Save
  4. Immediately force quit to simulate crash (before the next auto-save)

Expected behavior: The new score should appear in its manually saved version

Actual behavior: New score tab is labeled "Untitled *"


Just checked again and it works for me. What do i miss?
On File->Save i change the default name and this is the name i see after a simulated crash.

I just realized when I came back to test the fix I was using File > Save As instead of regular Save on step 3.

It looks like also we need to update the session file after Save As.

I missed the "save as" case. This should also work now in rev. 2373.
Implementation of autosave is still not complete as there are some cases in which backup files are not properly removed.