Any Way to Restore Corrupted Score Files?

• Mar 11, 2023 - 00:19

After spending over an hour on an original piece, I go to save it. Just a second later, the computer bluescreens. Thinking the file is still intact, I go to repoen it after the bluescreen, only to find out it's now corrupted, and the "restore last project" version got corrupt too. Is there any way to restore a corrupted file, or if not, does Musescore support autosaving?

Below is the corrupted score in question.

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Control of the Self.mscz 41.38 KB


In your same position right now. Had a huge orchestration project due tonight done in musescore 4 that corrupted 30 minutes before the deadline, completely unusable now. Solution is to uninstall this program until they release updates, because so far, about half the scores I have worked on in this program have corrupted. It's not even worth using to test out the new audio, it's so busted. Don't really understand how it was released in this state.
anyways yeah, you might just want to salvage what you can by copy/pasting onto a new score, but not the measures/notes that are screwed up ie measures with wrong amounts of notes in it, weirdly attached ties, etc.

Backup and auto save folders are hidden folders. Check how to make them visible for your OS Then do a search for your file name. You might get lucky.
Hard to say in your case sense it involved a system crash. I don't think a system restore will help. I tried some of the regular tricks to restore your file, but they didn't work.
FWIW, I've never had a file become corrupt. I'm glad MU4 is out. Playback is so much better, in general.

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