MuseScore 4 will not run.

• Mar 21, 2023 - 03:32

I am a Mac user on macOS Monterey version 12.2.1, and Musescore 4 won't open. I downloaded the newest update 4.0.2 and since then I can't even launch the program since then. I've tried everything in an attempt to get it to run, I uninstalled both MuseScore 4 and muse hub multiple times to see if that would change it, Ive tried opening the terminal and forcing the computer to run it but it gives me an error "rosetta error: /var/db/oah/279281327407104_279281327407104/ca93add8913ce33d03d5da859b8828cd9f4880f28898ce804f7dd289bfdc659c/mscore.aot: attachment of code signature supplement failed: 1
zsh: trace trap sudo /Applications/MuseScore\"
(I don't actually know anything about Mac OS and I just followed a guide on how to open it through the terminal on WikiHow)
All of the other forum posts I've found when looking to troubleshoot this has been about having a steel Series Sonar audio setup but I don't have that.
If anyone knows what is wrong, input on how to fix it would be very much appreciated :)


Hi there, I am also going through a same sort of situation.My OS is Big Sur version 11.6.1.I had installed Musescore 4 few months back and it was working properly.I made a full score for one of my pieces last week.But now all of a sudden, when I try to open a new file it crashes.Like you said it opens up and shows loading and then crashes.The weirdest thing is that I'm still able to open the project file of the score that I completed and I'm able to play it full.But if I try to open a new file it won't open.
Can someone help with resolving the issue ?? I had really liked the new features on Musescore ,the sounds ,the easiness and was looking forward to work on it .

Same with me with version 4. Version 3 was working fine, I just paid the subscription for a year then upgraded to version 4 and now its not opening.

hi! i had a similar problem—every time i tried to open musescore it would tell me that installation failed and the app would not open on my mac. after attempting to mess around the app contents, i got an error that said bad cpu type in one of the files, so i think this may be an issue with the m1/m2 chip incompatibility in musescore. i looked through some older forums and found this one line to enter into terminal which worked for me:

softwareupdate --install-rosetta

type it into terminal to update rosetta, agree to terms, and try opening musescore again. hopefully this helps!!

(rosetta allows you to open apps made for macs with intel processors on apple silicon macs. this line installs/updates rosetta! see the details here: )

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