Musescore crashes when changing key signature of selected bars

• Mar 22, 2023 - 18:13

no description needed. I have tried again and again to change a selection of my piece for solo clarinet from Eb to F but it refuses to do so. I select the few bars that I want to change, click on the key signature, but then the programme freezes and crashes. Because of this issue as well as the spontaneous illegibility of the palettes, the latest version of Musescore 4 is unusable.


I can confirm the crash with OS: Windows 10 Version 2009, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.2-230651553, revision: dbe7c6d

There is no crash in v3.6.2 and so is a regression.

I couldn't find this issue on GitHub. Please go here and report it.

Work around is to select the first note or rest of the section with the key change and click on the new key signature in the palette. You will have to do the same again for the return to Eb, of course.

It is not clear what you mean by "spontaneous illegibility of the palettes". I have seen other reports here of empty or blank palettes but have never experienced such problems myself. Is that the problem that you are finding or are you seeing the palettes with content but that content is illegible? Whichever, again, please report it on GitHub and provide as much information as you can about your system and the circumstances when you encounter the problem.

Git Hub is now the only place where developers can be expected to see and respond to bug reports.

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Wait. Are we talking concert pitch? I created a little score for piano and Bb clarinet so I could watch what happens. If the piece is in Eb (concert pitch off), that puts the clarinet part in F. If I try to transpose the clarinet part to F, MU4 crashes. It works if I do the same thing but this time in the piano part.
Concert pitch on and the transposition works regardless of what part I try to transpose.

If I create a flute part and put it in the key of Eb, and try to transpose it to F, there is no crash.

I'm not saying there is no bug. But it may well be tied to transposing instruments and if they are in Concert pitch or not.

And it has been suggested that we post potential bugs here to see if others have the same problem, before posting on github.

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That seems to be a different, but possibly linked problem. as I understand it, the OP was just adding a key signature after selecting a range of measures, not transposing. And that is the operation that I performed and confirmed a crash. As advised, the OP should now report it on GitHub so there is some chance it will be fixed. Crashes which are reproducible have, and continue to be given priority.

[Edit] The the transposition crash reported by @bobjp seems to be this one, already reported on GitHub

I can confirm the bug and followed up on GitHub.

To be clear, it only occurs if a) you select multiple measures, and b) the instrument you are selecting on is transposing. So the workaround is simple, just don’t select multiple measures. That means you need to re-add the original key signature at the end of the passage, but that’s only a couple of seconds, so it shouldn’t be a significant factor.

As mentioned, any issue with palettes is separate, not sure what you mean but perhaps an incompatibility with your graphics driver. If you haven’t already, please start a new thread to ask for help on that.

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